Coming Out of The Closet – Why I no longer believe Mechanical Instruments In Worship Are Soul Damning

This is Part 1 of my Series on Why I no longer believe Mechanical Instruments of Music in Worship are Soul-damning!

Some might read the first part of my title and get the wrong impression. Sad for you if you do!

Yes, I am officially coming out of the closet concerning my position on Mechanical Instruments of Music in worship!

Now before you go slamming me, that is, if you are of a different persuasion, as one who doesn’t value “the truth”, or as one who has no respect for “Bible Authority”, let me reassure you that I respect the Bible and it’s authority wholeheartedly!

Thus, the reason for my change of heart on this controversial subject.

My change started about 5 years ago after I had learned that the Holy Spirit’s indwelling involved much much more than just the reading and application of the Bible.

After a thorough and careful investigation of this subject, I have decided that I would no longer hold as a test of fellowship the use of Mechanical Instruments as part of a worship gathering.

I do not plan in this short article to address why I have come to this change of mind. I will do that in a future article.

Now, before I am accused of being a wolf in sheep’s clothing, etc, I want you to know that I did not jump into this hastily, I didn’t follow the band wagon of “other progressives.”

I simply sat down with my Bible in hand, removed the blinders, prayed and started searching God’s word for answers. In so doing, I not only changed my mind on this issue, but a host of issues.

I plan to start writing more about these things and being more open with my faith than I have ever before!

The purpose of doing so is to help others to realize that what ultimately matters in Faith, is our relationship with Jesus Christ. I want to point people to the Savior and help them enter a relationship with Him without muddying their minds with things that have little to nothing to do with our salvation.

May the Lord bless us all as we endeavor to discover more of His unsearchable riches!